Wednesday, February 20, 2008

meet me once, twice, thrice, ...

meet me once
meet me twice
meet me thrice
meet me once a week

meet me in the day
meet me in the night
meet me at dawn
meet me at dusk

meet me at the beach
meet me at the park
meet me at the peak
meet me at the theatre

meet me in the smiles
meet me in the cries
meet me in the ups
meet me in the downs

meet me on the dance floor
meet me on every beat
meet me in my heart
meet me forever!


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Oh God, which way do I go?

Which way do I go, my dear God?
Do I really have to choose?
My head can't decide
And heart can't feel

No one can tell me
Cause no one understands
My inner voice has gone mute
Why do you have to make it so convoluted?

Flip a coin?
Draw a straw?
Does it have to be this way?
Why don't you make it all go away?

Why have joyful Love bring so much sorrow?
Even this shall pass, you say
But how long is this misery?
It feels like an eternity of hell

Be detached and do your duty, you say
But spare me this agony of having to choose
Like a child I'll bolt into some way
If it isn't thy will, have mercy on me

Why don't you make it all simple?
Just leave me no choice


God - The Guru, the Teacher

A (guru) teacher has to withstand the test of the student in every which way. If there is any doubt in student's mind, it is the teacher's job to clear it. It is also the teacher's job to teach at the right level of the student. Student then naturally builds trust in the teacher and accepts whatever the teacher has to teach.

God is said to be the teacher of all teachers. So when in doubt we go to the source - the end goal of whichever path that appeals to us. Use the scriptures as our guide to validate the authenticity and compatibility of our teacher. For e.g. Bible, Gita, Upanishads, ...depending on our path. A teacher doesn't have to be physical on this earth. Spiritual giants like Christ, Buddha, Sri Ramakrishna, ... are very much alive and guide us through their teachings.

We can rest in peace that it is as much responsibility for the teacher to find the compatible student as the student to find the compatible teacher. It is the faith that connects both. Otherwise the teacher would have no one to teach to and God wouldn't have any devotees.


Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Take me with you baby

You say, you want a break
To catch your breath
Recharge your soul
Find your lost self again

But don't you see
I started missing you already
Even before you've left
Can't stand the thought of being apart

Break turning into broken love
My world becoming empty
Gray and gloomy
My soul tormented by love

Forgive me, for taking you granted
Having lose your self in me
Never meant it
Didn't know any better

Take me with you baby
Promise not to be in your way
Hide myself in your heart
Till you get your smile back